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Regardless of how you plan to use your real estate, the truth is that every piece of real estate you buy is an investment. How you use it, how you manage it, how you finance it and when you choose to sell it will determine to what extent your real estate investment is profitable.  Yes 4 Floor Plan-Living Room-_ADS0656

Like everything related to money, whether in business or the general economy, the profitability of real estate goes in cycles, some logical and some illogical, such as the boom and bust we have seen in real estate over the past 10 years. The fact is, the earth’s population is increasing and the supply of land and real estate is staying the same. The principal of supply and demand says that increase in demand with a limited supply of product will, over time, always result in the product’s increase in value. So, over time the value of your property will always go up. In the meantime, it’s important to understand how to cash flow your property, which means how to have your monthly income exceed your monthly expenses. This is achieved by understanding the world of rentals and property management.

The truth is that rental properties can and will make you money. Personal Real Estate Investing is a specialized investment tool that is even more solid today than it was a few years ago. To be successful it is essential for you, the landlord, to understand the fundamentals of property investing, recognize the basics of good and bad investment properties, and have the right guide to follow through the Property Cycle and the Renter Cycle. You must also recognize some of the pitfalls of the many rules, regulations and laws that could possible inhibit your ability to obtain your definition of financial success.

Through the AvenueWest Investment Fund you are able to diversify your investment portfolio, receive consistent preferred returns and profit from the equity increase in the real estate assets.  Connect with us to learn more.

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