Trend: Investing in Serviced Apartments

The AvenueWest Investment Fund is investing here in the United States and offering investors a strategic way to diversify their investment portfolio in today’s volatile world of stock market investments.

Recently Serviced Apartment News featured other Serviced Apartment investment opportunities in Europe as an additional option.

” One important reason for the change in priorities is that the yields for many other asset classes such as office and residential, which investors initially favoured in the low-interest phase, are now rarely attractive. Hotels and serviced apartments, on the other hand, still offer returns of between four and five per cent.”




For the last 20 years individual investors have been trusting AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing to managed their individual investments and capitalize on higher returns through AvenueWest’s exclusive business clients.  Now, through the AvenueWest Investment Fund, it is even easier to invest in the AvenueWest system.

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