Are you a accredited investor?

Do you see real estate values increasing in the next 10 years?

Would you like to diversify your investment portfolio?

Would you like to diversify your real estate investments in multiple states?

Would you like to own real estate without doing any maintenance?

Would you like to own real estate without dealing with tenants?

Do you want to be part of a $3.6 billion dollar industry?

Do you want to invest in corporate housing rentals?

Do you want rentals that are rented to fortune 500 companies?


AVENUEWEST INVESTMENT FUND I, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.  The Fund’s investment strategy is to acquire, and provide short-term rentals of, corporate housing properties.

Class A Members will receive distributions in an amount that will provide the

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m with a non-compounded return of 6.5% per annum on their capital contributions and distributions of 70% of cash available for distribution on net property gains.

The minimum Commitment by a Class A Member will be $100,000, subject to reduction at the discretion of the Manager.  *Complete details in the Private Placement Memorandum

AvenueWest Investment Fund I, LLC (the “Fund”), a Delaware limited liability company, is seeking to raise up to $10,000,000 in capital commitments (the “Commitments”) through the sale of Class A Membership Interests to a limited number of eligible investors pursuant to Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the Securities Act.   The Fund was formed on January 25, 2018 and intends to hold the initial closing of the offering at which eligible investors will be admitted on or before December 31, 2018.

Prospective Class A Members should carefully consider the risks involved in an investment in the Fund including, but not limited to, those discussed below.  Prospective Class A Members should consult their own legal, tax, and financial advisers as to all of these risks and an investment in the Fund generally.

The Fund’s investments are speculative and involve a significant degree of risk.  There are many market-related and other factors—some of which cannot be anticipated—that could cause a Class A Member to lose a major portion or all of his or her investment in the Fund or prevent the Fund from generating profits and making distributions.

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