Trend: Investing in Serviced Apartments

The AvenueWest Investment Fund is investing here in the United States and offering investors a strategic way to diversify their investment portfolio in today’s volatile world of stock market investments. Recently Serviced Apartment News featured other Serviced Apartment investment opportunities in Europe as an additional option. ” One important reason for the change in priorities…

Diversify Real Estate Investments

Great News, 103 of 150 metro areas tracked by Attom Data Solutions are now above their pre-recession peaks. NEXT STEP – SELL?  Is it time to start selling your real estate investments? NO! Now is the right time for you to evaluate your real estate portfolio and make sure it is properly diversified looking forward…

Real Estate Investing without Mortgage Worries

Interested in investing in real estate without having to worry about interest rates?

Take a look at the AvenueWest Investment Fund where you can invest in bricks and mortar real estate without having to worry about interest rates.

Think Realty reported that US Mortgage Rates Hit a 7 – Year High

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Overview of Fund Investment Objectives and Strategy

Industry Overview

How to invest in real estate without buying a home

AvenueWest Invest is perfect if you want to invest in residential real estate without the hassle of being a landlord. This week, CNN Money, agreed with us that there are great investment vehicles out there without the liability and hassle of owning just a specific property.  Did you know you can invest in a portfolio…